Our Story

Our Story

MODE homes builds custom designed stunning modular homes.

Innovation is at the heart of MODE homes. The journey began in 2012 when founder Matthew Dynon designed and patented the ‘fold pack’ modular home in a quest to create high-quality bespoke homes that can be folded up for easy access to even the most challenging sites. Since then we’ve flipped conventional home construction on its head and used foldable and modular building techniques to build inspiring and energy-efficient homes.

Today, MODE homes is a leader in designing and building modular homes that suit every lifestyle and site. They are designed in collaboration with you, and built indoors with factory precision using strong steel frames.

Every modular home is completely unique. Best of all, our modular homes are quick to build so you will be in your new home even sooner.

The Man Behind the Vision

Matthew Dynon is a highly regarded and established national leader in modular home design and innovation. He is well known for his outstanding design talent and an ability to maximise the spatial, financial and aesthetic potential of projects.

Matthew has held Senior Design Architect positions for leading architectural practices in Sydney and London. He completed his dissertation on modular construction over 20 years ago. He has worked within the architectural industry for over 25 years. Leading innovation for Multi residential pod and panel systems in and around London in the early 2000’s.

Across Australia architectural designed homes only account for about 3% of new home starts. Volume home builders seldom create homes specifically designed around an owner’s lifestyle and the site’s potential. Matthew is here to change that, offering well designed homes to more people who are demanding this service. His mission is to change the way homes are designed in Australia by providing the buyer more control to suit their lifestyle and sites.

Matthew has developed factory production and delivery methods around efficiency, flexibility and transport. This enables MODE Homes to build better and faster, allows tailored unique designs of every home within the framework of the modular system and reduces transport and crane costs.

Our Values

Because we are design driven, we value design and quality to bring our client’s project to live. We believe in offering innovation and sustainability in our designs by pushing boundaries and outdated thought processes with a ‘what if’ approach.


Our customer satisfaction is the forefront of our values when it comes to delivering a collaborative design. We view it as producing a piece of practical artwork for our clients.

MODE Homes’ Seven
Points of Difference